~Daily Meals~


Jollof Rice + Sauced Peppered Chicken/Sauced Peppered Filled Fish(Croaker) and Plantain.
Pounded Yam + Mixed Okra/Egusi.
Plantain + Vegetables and Sauced Fried Fish.


White Rice and Turkey Stew or Gizzard Sauce + Fried Plantain.
Amala + Ewedu with Assorted Meat or Egusi with Assorted Meat.
Efo Riro with Semovita.


Pasta Fiesta with Mixed Vegetables and Chicken.
Rice + Beans with Fried Plantain + Assorted Meat or Fish.
Coconut Rice + Plantain + Stewed Chicken or Turkey.


Shrimped Fried Rice or Jollof Rice + Plantain and Stewed Peppered Chicken 0r Fish Macaroni With Mixed Vegetable and Chicken.
Semovita/Pounded Yam and Banga Soup.


Pounded Yam/Semovita + Efo Riro or Ogbono Soup.
Amala + Ewedu and Assorted Meat or Vegetable Soup.
White Rice + Plantain and Ofada Sauce.
Boiled Plantain + Efo Riro + Stewed Fish.