Daily Meals

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  • Monday

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    Jollof Rice + Sauced Peppered Chicken/Sauced Peppered Filled Fish (Croaker) and Plantain or

    Pounded Yam + Mixed Okra/Egusi or

    Boiled Plantain + Vegetables and Sauced Fried Fish

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  • Tuesday

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    White Rice and Turkey Stew or Gizzard Sauce + Fried Plantain or

    Amala + Ewedu with Assorted Meat or Egusi with Assorted Meat or

    Efo Riro with Semovita

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  • Wednesday

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    Sao Pasta Fiesta with Mixed vegetables and chicken or

    Rice + Beans with fried plantain + assorted meat or fish or

    Coconut rice + Plantain + Stewed Chicken or turkey

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  • Thursday

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    Shrimped Fried Rice or Jollof Rice + Plantain and Stewed Peppered Chicken or Fish or

    Macaroni with Mixed Vegetable and Chicken or

    Semovita/Pounded Yam and Banga Soup

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  • Friday

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    Pounded Yam/Semovita + Efo Riro or Ogbono Soup or

    Eba/Amala + Ewedu and Assorted Meat or Vegetable Soup or

    White Rice + Plantain and Ofada Sauce or

    Boiled Plantain + Efo Riro + Stewed Fish or

    Fish/Chicken/Goat meat Peppersoup

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