Inspired by nature and lines, Henna by Jumai continues the age long historic tradition of henna artistry, with the human body as her canvas to tell a variety of stories.
Taking a traditional yet contemporary approach, using delicate and intricate techniques, she aims to create her contemporary take on the theme: The Rebirth using a combination of traditional dark henna and contemporary henna.

Jumai is a graduate of History and International Studies from Adeleke University, Osun State .

Jumai 1
Jumai 2
Jumai 3
Jumai 4

Kambili and Tiwa are artistic pieces wearing henna designs. Using simple draping techniques to create intricate and deliberate elements such as flowers, dots and lines, both sisters tell a story of life. That Life makes us who we are, happy or not. Despite the things she throws at us, we are to keep moving, better and stronger.

Price per piece ₦150,000