Sadiq Aijibola Williams

Sadiq Aijibola Williams (@sadiqajibolawilliams), a British-Nigerian multidisciplinary performance artist currently based out of Lagos, Nigeria.

Sadiq’s dynamic take on abstract expressionist style(s) and artistic modes of expression, are often centered around rediscovering and reconnecting to his ethnic roots, the sacredness of our ancestors and their way of life, coupled with Afro futurist, neo Pan African nuances emanating from the contemporary world of Nigeria today.

Sadiq Aijibola Williams

His signature use of commonplace household items, patterned objects and weapons training tools as paint brushes, creates a distinct imprint on the canvass or surface of choice. He flows diligently with bamboo strips, broomsticks, boktos, kitchen knives and even the ewedu broom. Which he often uses with dexterity to create patterns, splashes, shadow strikes, strokes, etchings and his characteristic paint splatters, that is very reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s action art, pointillism and sacred rites of Yoruba femininity. This rings true to his vision of finding immeasurable value and beauty in the seemingly mundane. In his practice and life path, nothing is wasted, everything is useful.

His live-painting performances are a sight to behold, a concerto of fluid capoeira movements, his love of dance, JKD, music genres, Tai-chi and Qi Gong. A testament to his eso and exoteric lifestyle, giving utmost attention and care to his body-mind-soul unions. His paintings become a mirror inflection and reflection so to speak of his warrior-scholar lifestyle and his ongoing conversations with his new reality as a returnee.


O da ke roro bi oke (As silent as a forest) 01 & 02 Acrylic, Aerosol Spray Paint, Neon Leather paint, satin pain
O-da-ke-roro-bi-oke-As-silent-as-a-forest-01-02-Acrylic-Aerosol-Spray-Paint-Neon-Leather-paint-satin-pain 2

O da ke roro bi oke (As silent as a forest)

01 & 02 Acrylic, Aerosol Spray Paint, Neon Leather paint, satin paint, 6ft X 4ft, £7,500, N 3,800,000, 2021


Ayara bi Afefe 1.jpeg
Ayara bi Afefe 2
Ayara bi Afefe 3
Ayara bi Afefe 4

Ayara bi Afefe (As Swift as the winds) 

Acrylic, Aerosol Spray Paint, Coloured Glass Ink, Emulsion Paint, 3D Fabric Paint & Satin Paint, 5ft 5inches X 4ft ,

£3,200 per piece, N1,735,000 per piece, 2021


Anjonu Iberu bi ina 1
Anjonu Iberu bi ina 2
Anjonu Iberu bi ina 3
Anjonu Iberu bi ina 4
Anjonu Iberu bi ina 5
Anjonu Iberu bi ina 6

Anjonu Iberu bi ina (As fierce as fire)

Acrylic, Aerosol Spray Paint, Coloured glass ink & Emulsion Paint, 3ft X 3ft, £2,800 per piece , N 1,500,000 per piece,  2021